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April 16th -19th 2019



                                            The Ireland Experience 

"My goal for this, is for it to be a palpable experience for the attendees. I want them to take away knowledgeable information about shooting film, but I also want to dig deep and help them discover their why, to build them up, and let them know that their why is enough."

                                                                                                                                                               -Tracy Burch


meet the Team 


Tracy Burch
Host & Photographer

Tracy Burch is a film wedding photographer & photography educator based in Kentucky. She is in her 6th year of photography. One of her biggest career goals is to inspire & lift up fellow photographers. She is smitten with love & photographing couples, she enjoys photographing delicate things, but also finds great inspiration in the free spirited, flowers & texture. She's been featured in some of the industries leading journals & magazines. To view more of Tracy's work, click here.

Mila Adams
Floral & Styling

Inspired by art history and her European heritage, Mila Adams, prefers to create pieces and experiences that are timeless, fluid and romantic. After pursuing an Art Degree, she decided to express her creativity through floral design. She has been operating her business for 2 years now. Above anything else, she considers herself to be an artist and takes intrest in an array of mediums. Floral design happens to be her favorite medium above all. To view more of Mila's work, click here.